Kalila Ingram

K.KHRONICLES is a lifestyle brand created by founder Kalila Ingram, a digital journalist & visual communicator hailing from the styling world of published high-end fashion editorials. She has curated a digital platform comprised of Style, Travel & Community all rooted in the essence of world Culture. 
Her digi- series of documented global travels feature the brand  DNA components and gives her audience an opportunity to travel with her for an authentic bespoke experience.

A click on “TV of Kontent” found conveniently on her online menu bar will transport  viewers to worldwide destinations. From Africa, through Asia and over to Europe. From here they will have an inside perspective through the voice & vision of K.KHRONICLES. 

Kalila’s portfolio of clients opened international opportunities very early in her career, which exposed her to a global fashion industry that introduced something new to her creative palate.  With influences of worldwide culture making its way down the runway every fashion week; Kalila known to the fashion industry as K. Ingram; soon became intrigued on the true origin of cultured inspirations that designers reference in their RTW and Couture collections.

While visually journaling global STYLE from the native communities, metro streets to the runway, she wanted to offer those that took interest in the docuseries an 

opportunity to enjoy “A Curation Of Haute Kŭl′chər”; treasured international

 imports that she has sourced overseas. Khronicles by K can be shopped via the  

e-commerce site www.khroniclesbyk.com and at the Kŭl′chər Shop; a traveling conceptual retail design space. 

K.KHRONICLES is in it’s deep midst and grass roots of revolutionizing an unprocessed 

perspective of travel across the globe. Community Travel under the KHRONICLES umbrella took flight in 2017. Starting with a travel docu series called Black Girl Khronicles.

Enter the world of www.KKHRONICLES.com for an intimate and experiential exploration, a portfolio of Krē-ā′tive Services, an un-edited take on world Style; and a wanderlusting travel community that value a necessary means to “Kreate Your Happiness” 

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