Next BGK Destination | Morocco, North Africa | June 14th - 20th, 2018
Join our BGK community for a curated travel experience designed by Kalila Ingram for Women of Color from various stages in life and backgrounds to experience international travel together.  Each day of your journey will be captured on film, as you share an intimate and diversified conversation on being a Black Girl in America and how seeing the world shakes or shapes that idea.  In its second edition, BGK will be voyaging to the streets of Morocco, where travelers will stay in a unique alternative to a traditional riad. Peacock Pavilions is located in a private olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakech.  The 12 selected ladies of BGK will enrich themselves in Moroccan Culture, connect with each other, and retreat in an environment where their senses will be heightened.  During their journey, they will be visiting and working with the girls of PROJECT SOAR, a program to empower young Moroccan girls through art, sports and health education, slowing the rate of child marriage and pregnancy in the area.  If you are ready to take flight with BGK please submit your request for interest to receive the next steps for applying for our Black Girl Khronicles Moroccan Retreat 2018 Edition.
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