Kindred Feature​


A group of like minded Kreatives, as a clan or tribe. A kinetic synergy aligned by the universe.

While traveling the world and Kreating new Khronicles, Kalila has had the pleasure of connecting with KINDRED  From New York, Tel Aviv, Japan, and London she has traveled with her audience, to introduce them to KREATORS whom all share how they  “Kreate Their Happiness”

If you consider yourself a citizen of the world, a Kreator, and have an interesting story of how you are in pursuit of  “Kreating Your Happiness” then please share. Perhaps Kalila of K.KHRONICLES has plans on heading to your location, or maybe you will be the influence to get her there!

Kindred Khronicles

Have you traveled to a destination off the beaten path? Did you take breathtaking images you would like to share? Do you have insightful information on a specific kulture or kultural event? If yes - please share!

K.KHRONICLES is actively looking to feature travelers who have visited interesting global regions, and want to share their experiences with the rest of the kreators in the world. While all submissions are welcome, I am particularly interested in travelers with authentic written khronicles, captivating photography & film.

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