K. Ingram’s Style Khronicles is a body of her styling portfolio of working with high-end fashion publications, celebrities, and commercial advertising campaigns. Working under the tutelage of Germany’s SQUINT magazine Fashion Director Kithe Brewster gave her the initial access into major fashion houses and her opportunity to work with Beyoncé, which would later lead to two additional cover stories for GOTHAM & LA CONFIDENTIAL Magazine.

 After discovering first handedly global inspirations behind the runway through her personal travels; she now see’s fashion and texture in a different light and perspective than those trending on today’s style market. 

 Her keen eye for detail shows evident in her styling technique. Her experience is extensive rather it’s conveying a message through style for a commercial client, sourcing a look for a celeb off the runway, building a closet for her personal shopping clients, or traveling in search of unique finds and fabrication for a “Curation of Haute Kulture”; for her retailed collection Khronicles by K.