July 23, 2016: Kreate Your Happiness

Yesterday I gave my 9 to 5 “to stay alive” my two weeks notice, and I thought I had experienced what I imagine Liberation to feel like. The weight that had left me, once I pressed the send button for the email that contained the contents; professionally, genuinely, and kindly explaining that I had made a conscious decision to part ways.

24 hours after sending, and my resignation was not exactly received in the way I imagined it to be. I became offended, unappreciated and outraged until I did a complete self-check of my self.

Here I was in an uproar when just yesterday, I had felt what seemed like Liberation. I had contemplated for weeks, if and when this would be the right decision; and was at peace with moving forward without hesitation.

Here I am 17 days away from embarking on what I know is going to be a life changing experience. I am traveling to Bali, Singapore and then to India in search of Kreating my Happiness.

So why the anger Kalila?

After all it’s not as if I have been clueless to the selfish characteristics of corporate America, or to the fact that I would never feel what I imagined Liberation to feel like until I made a leap of faith.

It was time to truly apply the good words of the late great, Bob Marley and “emancipate myself from mental slavery. Because only I could free my mind”. That feeling of what I imagined Liberation to feel like was my Kreative License to believe and receive the life that I want to live.

Often times we put it off until tomorrow, but Life is un-promised people, tomorrow may never come so why be afraid to live the life that you want TODAY. It was not my imagination; it was Liberation that I felt yesterday, when I broke the chains so I could “Kreate My Happiness”. I had liberated my mind, and was in the process of removing my body from the four walls of a place of business that had someone else’s name on it. Most importantly I had understood this Liberating Life Lesson, rather I had made a conscious decision to leave this 9 to 5 or not.

Liberation is a state of mind; it’s honestly the only way to really be free. No matter where your body resides, your mind has the capability to be free and Kreate a Happiness that is only controlled by the master of the mind.

I’m on my way to open free lands. Lands that I plan to Kreate new Khronicles, lands that I plan to mark with my name; but only to add to the names of all that had come before me, and would be there after me. Besides we are all humans of this universe, so let us join as ONE, lift higher in life as ONE, and Kreate Our Happiness”

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