TIRTA EMPUL: Love All, Serve All

Although I was raised up with a Christian spiritual faith, my mother always gave me the freedom to personally explore, and be open to those of other spiritual beliefs; so long as it was done out of Love and Peace.

Travelling with my Kindred Dane Browne, who has made a transition into Buddhism, has been enlightening to my experience here in Bali. When she asked if I would be interested to partake in a ceremony in a temple with a natural Holy Spring; believed to be a source for Life & Prosperity, I immediately was interested. On our last day of Bali we made our way to the Tirta Empul Temple. Native families and friends who had traveled the distant lands of Bali gathered, and touring guest soaked in every moment of their experience. To be honest we did not know exactly where to start and immediately walked over to one of the many fountains and immersed ourselves in the water while saying our personal prayers. It wasn’t until Dane had remembered, after her research that we were supposed to start at the beginning of the first set of fountains that are divided into three sections.

Before even entering the holy spring you have to change into a ceremonial sarong; that is only after your first sarong, that you will need just to enter into the gates of the temple. While we were changing we had a brief encounter with a gentleman by the name of Suena, who was traveling with his client from Europe. His client was very confused as to how Dane and I were transforming our ceremonial sarongs into belted frocks. Suena told her to observe so she could then tie her sarong, but you could tell that she was still oblivious on where to start. Although I was anxious to make my way to the Holy Spring; I knew that the right thing to do was to stop, and take myself out of my typical New York state of mind and give my European sister a fierce wrap of the sarong.

I mean my whole reasoning for launching my travel experience for K. Khronicles in Bali, was to start with a clean spiritual state of mind.

I wanted to escape the mental slavery that I had consumed myself with over the past years of my life; and start with a clean slate to Kreate my Happiness, and inspire others while doing it. So I stopped myself in my tracks, turned back around and proceeded to assist Suena’s client with a fashionable wrap of her sarong.

I believe that because of that, in exchange the Universe rewarded us with the gift of Suena’s knowledge. You see we were blind to the in depth meaning of each spiritual fountain. It was not a coincidence after realizing that we had to start at the beginning of the holy fountain, that we ended up right behind Suena and his client. He took us through each fountain, as if we were paying clients, and explained the spiritual meaning of each holy fountain. The water was crisp, clean and cool. It was the cleanest water I had ever immersed my self in.

Here I was open to a Kulture that just months ago was deemed as “foreign” to me. Bathing in a holy spring with a rainbow of races from around the world, from different religious walks of faith. We all bathed together in the same Holy temple, where Balinese people had come to for more than a 1000 years for healing and spiritual merit. By the time I reached the 15th fountain, I had received a wealth of knowledge and what I consider to be a blessing. I felt re-vitalized, re-born, and like my search for Spiritual Happiness was found.

When I got to the locker room to remove my wet ceremonial sarong, Suena gave me his card and said good-bye. It was not until I pulled out his card to write this blog post, that I realized the slogan for his company was Love All Serve All. Below are thespiritual meanings for each fountain; and Suena’s contact if you would like to book an authentic Tour Guide, and Driver while traveling in Bali.

Some Wise Words From Suena

The hand that Helps is more Holiest than Lips that Pray

Name: Suena

Nic name: Pak Ena

Phone: +6285739711559 (whatsapp, line, wechat)

Email: ilikebalicustomtour@gmail.com

Website: www.balicustomtour.com

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