India is where my journey of kreating “ a Kuration of Haute Kulture” had to begin. There is something to be said about the fashion of India. Everything in the land is so rich that it will heighten all of your senses; your taste from its spices, your touch from its luxurious textures, the smell of oil extracted from tree bark is as pure as you can get it. The contrast of colorful threads adorning the bodies of native Indians, adorned with genuine gold walking the streets of old subdued architecture; will give you a vision that will stay in your minds eye. I know because it’s been over a month and I still see India when I close my eyes at night.

You see the world has looked to India for the importing of food, spices, and textiles since the beginning of times; from the streets of Bombay, through the Gateway of India across the Arabian Sea, and to worldwide docs for distribution.

Some of you are clueless to the fact that you have been influenced by the culture and aesthetics of India. It’s been a primary source for the trickle down theory in fashion. From the initial inspirational spark of the Kreative mind to the atelier, to the runway; and down to the diluted editions that happen in commercial retail.

Kulture is what creates Style in my opinion. I have worked in fashion from the moment I was legal to get a job in the little blue box we call the GAP; to opening imported boxes from Italy, with Versace Haute Couture dresses for celeb shoots. Kulture is Style, and will continue to be the influence in the way that we dress, eat, and even are introduced to spirituality and religious beliefs. Don’t believe me ask both of my Buddhist besties Dane and Oneida.

In all of my travels I have never experienced a Kulture so Haute. It was everything I imagined it to be and delivered so much more. My second trip is already in the making and I can’t wait to share “a kuration of haute kulture” in my

Khronicles by K kommerce site.

Enjoy shopping the Kulture Shop and press play below to get a glimpse of India’s Haute Kulture!

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