It’s important for me when traveling to distant lands that I select a place that will be my home away from home. This means it should embody all things beautiful, safe, clean and preferably in a location that gives me all access to whatever it is that I may be seeking at the time.

In Bali while in search of Kreating my Spiritual Happiness, Dane found both Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort & Spa and Bayad Villa; which would serve its purpose for relaxation and serenity. We started our trip with a rooftop dinner under Bali’s night sky at Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort & Spa. The following day we were tempted to dive straight into the pool and indulge in the swim up bar, but we decided to use our time wisely and hit the streets of Bali.

When we returned we did however pamper ourselves in a five star spa experience; that ends with a happy ending of you smiling from ear to ear, happy feet, and an outdoor shower to rinse your body from all the aromatic massage oil. My traveling Kindred Dane took full advantage of the soaking tub that is located on the balcony that overlooks the pool. With just a two-night stay we were off to checkout the countryside of Ubud.

Bayad Ubud Bali Villas was literally a Spiritual sanctuary for me. With beautiful hidden alters throughout the property; and gated villas with an outdoor secluded bathroom, a kitchen and huge open windows to commune with nature. Pathways took you over ponds with swimming fish, and a central pool with side cabanas to shade you from the Bali sun.

As for India I was sold on the idea of staying at the monumental Taj Mahal, but during my research stumbled on the cutest boutique hotel located just around the corner, in the Colaba neighborhood. Abode Bombay gave me everything I wanted with exclusivity, accessibility to the Mumbai hub, flawless service and a soaking tub nestled in it’s own sun room, overlooking the Colaba neighborhood.

Every night you would receive a polite knock at the door, and greeted with a generous gift from the hotel and a handwritten note. With only 20 rooms, it really becomes an intimate guest quarters; which makes you feel like you are at home. Every morning or evening you can join like-minded jetsetters from around the world and dine complimentary breakfast or order dinner from the kitchen under a 19th century chandelier.

Built in 1910 and re-designed with such thoughtfulness. It’ Modern Mumbai meets and keeps the best of classic Bombay. Photography of the people of India and Mumbai’s epicenter grace the walls, while the floors change from room to room with patterned cemented tiles. Concierges are openly available to assist you with the execution of your itinerary before even arriving. Setting your dinner reservations, spa appointments, car services and can give you a genuine idea of places to visit, and places not to even bother wasting your time on.

Socially and environmentally conscious on it’s impact on the community, Abode Bombay is committed to have a local influence. One of these community initiatives, are employing the women of Mumbai as drivers for guest services; which make a travelling girl like myself feel comfortable in a male dominated country.

Because Goa was going to be a place of relaxation and reflection, for all that had transpired during the course of the trip; and the preliminary planning of where I would be taking this passion project and business, I needed a place of peace.

Marbella House was love at first sight. Just imagine a Portuguese Colonial style mansion turned guesthouse . The owner, both husband and wife have absolutely made a charming guest home, adorned with antique furnishing and have completely capitalized off of the original colonial character. Bathrooms with vibrant colored tiles, mosquito net beds, and let me not forget wireless Internet if you decide you want to connect with the outside world.

I personally decided that the penthouse was going to be my Kasa of choice, living room, dining room and queen suite with a private balcony to overlook the tops of Goa green trees. Marbella guesthouse exterior is also home to India’s national bird, peacocks. This in it’s self is enough to want to make this my home every time I visit Goa. Not to embellish but everything we ordered from breakfast, lunch to dinner was absolutely delicious. May I also add just a 10-minute walk and you will find yourself in front of the Arabian Sea!

Having to choose two locations in both destinations allowed us to centralize ourselves in the areas that we were looking to explore. Had we only stayed in the tourist hub of Kuta, we would have never allowed ourselves, full days of exploration in Ubud. As for India, Mumbai is your metropolis hub and Goa gives you chill, country beach vibes but ready for a hippie turn-up at any time.

With that we decided to find four homes that would suit our needs and request, and we were absolutely happy with the results of our hospitality. Thank you to all establishments and your hardworking staff for making our Asian experience absolutely phenomenal!





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