Kreate Your Happiness: 2

The more I travel the more new memories I create, the more Haute Khronicles I bring home, and the more knowledge I have of world cultures. Every trip has a 3 step mission at hand….

1. Highlight Haute Kulture- and by that I mean to inspire and educate Kreators on a culture beyond their own. My focus is style but somehow, some way I always manage to take you beyond the threads of beautiful cultural garments and into an existing lifestyle.

2. Shop to Stock- Khronicles by K, my new developing online store. This is where you can get a piece of my curated & designed Khronicles from each of my destinations. Its curated for Kreators who dare to be different and embrace style outside of the trends that are regurgitated and fed to us off the spoons of reality TV ; or the labels that half the time have no original intent for you to even dream of consuming their product.

3. Kreating My Happiness is the silver lining of it all. Style & Travel are what make me tick, the premise of K. Khronicles and bring a great deal of happiness to my lifestyle. I have found that in the midst of Kreating My Happiness I have inspired and engaged Kreative Kindreds that I either have an existing relationship with, or developed during my travels. I have been told that I inspire some to travel, to push the envelope and kreate a style of their own, to pursue something beyond their wildest dreams, something that they absolutely love. Something that keeps them up at night and wakes them up in early mornings. This is what I call your “Happiness” Something planted by a grand Kreator and must be cultivated so that it can manifest in your life.

Inspiring those to grasp the true meaning of “Kreating Your Happiness” may have started as #3 , but has become the #1 and most gratifying focus of my mission. Its created a platform of its own called Kindred Khronicles and it’s honestly what everyone wants in life. If you think you do not have it, you are mistaken because everyone does. It’s inside of you waiting patiently with a two step dance and maybe even a song that it’s been waiting to sing.

Go in, go under, pull it outside of you and share your Happiness with the World.

With that being said I leave you with a quote from one of my latest and favorite reads, because I’m always a student and my classroom is the world.

“Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself”– BIG MAGIC Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

“Kreate Your Happiness”

Kalila Ingram- Kreator

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