Shibuya Crossing- Shōgo of NBW

Most of you know by now that when I travel I have a mission at hand. Bringing a light to “Haute Kulture” in every destination that I travel is not always specifically Fashion of garments and style; it’s a fashion of people and cultural lifestyle. The silver lining of this Haute Kulture, is that it allows me to connect with like minded individuals, also known by now as my “Kindred Khronicles”

I met the Kreative Kindred Shōgo of NBW in the Shibuya Crossing. It was my last full day in Tokyo and The V3 and I were on a mission to find Haute Fashion. As soon as we got off the train, we found ourselves once again in the beautiful ciaos that is Shibuya Crossing. The universe soon after aligned and while missing a cross walk light we found ourselves standing right in front of a photo shoot. There Shōgo was shooting the Gypsy Nomad Tomi E.

Style Khronicles with Tomi – E in Japan

I couldn’t help but request that I get the opportunity to capture a few pics of her street style for my personal Haute Kulture collection. Just 3 shots in after getting my fellow Kindred’s blessing, to ambush his photo shoot; and I was then being photographed by this Kreative Kindred with his Sony RicohGXR, all the while shooting Tomi E. If there were a word that exists for a photography orgy this would be it.

This unpermitted photo shoot turned into beautiful photos that led to a short viral run and became the artwork for Japan Khronicles, illustrated by B.Denise. Despite the language barriers, the oceans and continents that separate us we are Kindred. Take a glimpse of the beauty that evolves through the lens of Shōgo.



Photography By : Shōgo of NBW

INSTAGRAM: @nbwpic

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