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The trip came about with a simple invitation from K “Japan will be my next K.KHRONICLES destination and you should come with me”. I was instantly excited and scared, I thought of all the reasons why I couldn’t go. My baby girl’s only six months and I am building and investing all of my extra funds into my business LAB www.lashartbrow.com.

It seemed impossible, but the Libra in me said, “Let’s put it into the universe”. I approached the situation like I

would a set of lashes, a puzzle to be solved. By assessing what needed to happen to get me on that plane and putting in “that work” to accomplish it. So far 2016 was a great year full of personal and professional growth but my creative tank was empty and desperately needed to be filled.

I knew this trip would awaken my senses and bring balance back into my world. By the time we touched down on Japan soil we were four deep, the mastermind K. KHRONICLES and The V3. The V3 consists of me RENEE V the oldest sister, my middle sister AMALIA M. V and the baby sister STEVEE RAE V, get it the Vargas 3. The Mission at hand was to be immersed in Japanese Kulture, Fashion, Beauty and Art. I was inspired from the moment I stepped off the plane at the Haneida airport. We arrived at 7am and had our first meal of sushi at 8. With time to kill before we headed to the airbnb we wandered through the airport, looking for the perfect place to set up a mini LAB. Once we found it, I assembled my LAB Lash Kit and began to create.

Immediately I knew that the Surrealist Set “Juxtaposed beauty with elements of voluminous surprise using weightless materials to create an incredibly dense and lush look”would be the perfect compliment to the extraordinary beauty of my sister Stevee Rae. Two hours later and a quick lash nap, she arose restored with an incandescent set of lashes.

One cab ride later we arrived at the wrong address, a karate building which was troublesome because we had 20 bags with no one in sight that spoke a lick of English, and Google maps just was of no assistance. Luckily our Japanese cab driver was a gentleman and helped us find our way to our Tokyo hide out. After settling in with a cup of green tea and getting a much needed nights rest, I woke up ready. My personal mission was to focus on Japan’s Beauty scene, after all beauty is my business. My inspiration started with “Memoirs of a Geisha” which is a favorite movie of mine. I was fascinated by all of the intricate details that made up the Geishas appearance. Their make-up was fierce, bold red lip, straight but strong brow and white foundation that culminated to a unique design at the nape (unaji 項) of their neck. Add to that their vibrant kimonos and dazzling hairpins it is a visual feast for the eye.

I channeled my inner Geisha dressed in a kimono running around the streets of Asakusa on day 2 of the trip with my sisters & K. It was empowering, a moment like nothing I had ever experienced in life. Imagine walking through the streets of Tokyo in full Geisha gear, 2 toed socks and I can’t forget the thinly strapped chunky sandals; now add to that every person that passes you is staring and speaking in a language that you don’t understand, all the while being filmed. We were also stopped and asked for an occasional photograph, it felt surreal because I had now become the Geisha that I had once admired in one of my favorite films.

This adventure brought out the best in me I recharged my inspiration battery, made precious memories with my sisters and realized that life is about taking chances, going on adventures, loving yourself and your life fully with your whole heart. “Get busy living or get busy dying” I am not just writing about beauty I am sharing the Happiness that is life!

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