“Nomad Living Free” by Tokyo Blogger Tomi-e

If you don’t recall how, and when I met the free spirited nomad Tomi-e , I highly encourage that you go back and read my previous blog post “Shibuya Crossing- Shōgo of NBW”. I was initially captured by her dope street style and had no idea until pen paling via the net, that she was a fellow blogging nomad and now Kindred. Tomi-e is a proclaimed “travelholic” and believes in “Living Free”. Check out her nomadic travel philosophy and take note, as she drops gems for all of you traveling Kreators out there!

What are your Top 3 destinations that you have traveled to? What is it that you love most about each location?

Puerto Escondido(Mexico)

Puerto Escondido is the famous spot for surfing in Oaxaca. But not really famous…. because Puerto Escondido means ”Hidden harbor”. Many surfers and hippies visit there and they are all very friendly, not to mention Oaxaca’s Mexican food is the absolute best!

Turks and Caicos Island

This island is so amazing! It’s very small, but you will have a really good time there. Words can’t exactly explain how beautiful the ocean’s color is, so I highly suggest you travel with your own eyes, to witness it for yourself.

Koh Rong(Cambodia)

Ko Rong is a part of Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Many travelers work on this island. My recommendation is 4K beach. When the nightfalls the beach is like a nature planetarium. But be careful because they don’t have good hotels, take precaution because it’s like staying in a jungle (lol). If you are not the out doors type this may not be a trip for you.

When you travel do you usually bring your Kindred (friends)?

My usual buddy is also a Japanese girl. But I met her in Guam almost 4 years ago. We were roomies …and we met in Hawaii again 1 year later! Then we traveled Central America and Southeast Asia together. She is my Kindred.

Have you ever travelled solo to a destination where you don’t know anyone? If so what are your words of advise for those looking to explore solo?

Yes I have. I like to travel by myself. I have gone to USA, Mexico, and Southeast Asia all solo. I think traveling by your self is really good for individuals. It allows you to open up to local lifestyles and make new friends easily, more than what you would if you were traveling with friends. My advice is not to be afraid of meeting people and learning about a new culture EVERYDAY of your solo travels.

When you met K.Khronicles you were being photographed in Shibuya Crossing. Is this considered the norm for Tomi-e ?

It really caught me by surprise! But honestly it’s normal as I am open to meeting new people, especially those with like minds and a traveling spirit. When I travel, I love to meet new people, it just so happen that I met K.Khronicles in my home here in Tokyo while she was traveling from the states.

What does Tomi-e street style look like and how would you describe it?

I like my hair braided. I got it braided while staying in Jamaica for 3 weeks and it’s now become apart of my style.

What are must have items in Tomi-e’s travel bag?

My necessity for travel is my Camera. I like to take pictures to make new memories. My second travel necessity is my phone so that I can exchange FB or Instagram with new friends that I meet along my journey.

What is the most adventurous, risky thing you have done or experienced while traveling?

When I was traveling in Mexico, I wanted to visit a mountain to look for magic mushrooms (lol). But the village where the mountain was did not have a hostel, so I had to stay at a local family’s house. The family was really nice, they gave me a cottage, food and a job. My work was to make sausages from pigs. It was honestly like a nightmare. But I was able to learn about life as it was within this little village in Mexico.

Has anything gone extremely wrong while traveling to a foreign place? And if so what and how did you make your way out of it.

I have had my personal belongings and money stolen from me a few times while traveling. It’s not just local people who have taken from me either. It feels so bad in the moment, but I don’t want to hoard bad thinking, so I always think, “ I’m alive now, so it’s not a big problem. I can make money again, and get new stuff. But if I die, I can’t experience life anymore”

What was your last and next destination?

My last travel was a Caribbean tour. It started in Miami, Provincials, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and then Mexico. Then it moved to Singapore where I met my friends and we hung out. “Its the ship” is the biggest ship festival in Asia http://www.itstheship.com. We went to island of Malaysia and back to Singapore again. It was almost a 3-month tour.

I don’t know yet about next destination… I want to visit West Africa or Europe or…. please K.Khronicles tell me good places that you recommend.

How do you “Kreate Your Happiness”? (What do you do to make yourself happy? For me it’s Travel and Style, for some it’s writing, others it’s painting. What’s your passion?

My opinion is “Life is a Study” …I think you should always study life. This is why I like to meet new friends and talk with them about their life perspective. That’s another reason why it’s so important for me to travel, so that I can expose my self to life in different lands. Fashion is also another Happiness of mines and I’m really happy you gave me this chance to share my Happiness with your Kreative audience.


IG: https://www.instagram.com/tomi_e/

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