Behind The Illustration: B.Denise of Gold Chain

It was my last fashion week in NYC before migrating back to the West Coast, Usually I’m accompanied by my Fashion Kindred, Dane Browne; but she somehow turned up too hard the night before and ended up at some random party, believe it or not at White Castle. Yes WHITE CASTLE…. You know the burger joint with those square little cheeseburgers? Some millennial decided that this was the new spot to host an after party and so it was!

A complete stranger randomly convinced me to check out another soiree just down the street. I had just left an after party at the Standard hotel, and was heading home so that I could get up and do the whole song and dance of early fashion week shows, followed by must attend after parties.

I found myself in the midst of cool conversation; he was from Miami and ironically was now staying near my first NY apartment, uptown in the “The Dub Heights” (Washington Heights). I assured him I didn’t have time for waiting in long lines and as promised we walked right in with no problems.

His crew trickled in soon after and we shared a booth holding casual conversation over drinks. To my right cool and collected sat B. Denise. We soon found out while I shared my trip to India and upcoming move back to the West Coast, that she also was a West Coaster. I had to ask her “What inspired her to move East” considering I too had once made that decision to take that journey.

She was an artist and like any artist, New York is a mecca for inspiration and opportunity. As modern day people usually exchange information we followed each other on IG, and my last words to her was to “Kreate what Makes Her Happy” Even if she had a 9 to 5 to never stop “Kreating”.

I left the club honestly because there was a new wave of fresh faces, ready to conquer New York City. I had been on this scene with the same determination and hustle, and could respect the space that these Kreators were in; but I was on a new wave in life and approaching something slightly different. With the upmost respect I decided it was time for me to retire the night. It wasn’t until months after moving back to the bay and settling in that I came across B. Denise’s art while scrolling on IG. Then it hit me this was the West Coaster that I met during fashion week.

Damn she was DOPE….. and expressed “Haute Kulture” through her art. Her subjects came from the influences of music, black leaders, politics, and everyday people. Her attention to detail was impeccable, and her love for her art showed evident in every brush stroke. I was sold, that I would touch base and commission her to do the artwork for an image that was taken of me by the Japanese photographer Shōgo. This image had an arbitrary viral run on blogs and random IG accounts unbeknownst to me; so I thought it would be cool to run like Forrest with it.

It has now become marketing collateral and the artwork for my web-series. It’s the face of Japan Khronicles. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and this fellow West Coaster, Kreator & now Kindred has travelled to distant lands, in pursuit of her Happiness in a city that never sleeps. If it did I may have never met her on that random fashion week night, but I am so grateful that I did.

#KreateYourHappiness B. Denise!!!!

If any artist from past time could advise you who would it be? Probably have to be Andy Warhol. He’s not even one of my favorites but he was def business/ art savvy

If you could do your art anywhere International where would it be? Hands down it would be Brazil. Since I was a kid I’ve always been drawn to NYC and Brazil.

Where can one purchase art from Denise?

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