Trust me when I say that the universe makes no mistakes. The last time I met Shōgo it was in Japan. If you don’t know, or don’t recall the details of me and this Kindred spirit connecting in the chaotic midst of Shibuya Crossing; I advise you to check out my previous post

“Shibuya Crossing- Shōgo of NBW”

When my Instagram DM buzzed me with a message from Shōgo, I was immediately interested in the content of his message, especially considering we don’t speak the same language. His translation app made it plain and simple

“I’m coming to New York and would like to photograph you again”

I wasn’t simply in New York; but with a round trip ticket from SFO to JFK this was easily resolved. Ooooh the beauty of an aircraft! Because New York and I have had a love hate relationship for 13 years and counting, she decided that the good sunny weather she put out just the week prior was not happening when I arrived. Instead she gave me cool temps & rain showers.

“I’m NO damn Supermodel New York, How the Hell do you expect me to work under these conditions?”

Just as soon as those furious words left my lips, she brought down the rain harder and made me feel her raft. Who did I think I was anyway leaving her once again to relocate back to the sunny West Coast, coming back demanding sunny skies?

“This ain’t no Hollywood honey we have seasons for a reason and we work in any condition given to us. It’s apart of the NY grit that builds your character and wit.”

Just as soon as I adjusted my negative thoughts, and put my self in a New York State of Mind, she moved the cloudy skies like the gateway of heaven and made dope gloomy visuals for a weekend shoot in the NYC. From Meat Packing’s High Line, China Town to the Brooklyn Bridge, and me and my Kindred Shōgo of Japan were in full effect.

We couldn’t communicate through language but we communicated through the Kreativity of two Kindred spirits. One from New York by way of California, and the other visiting for the first time to New York from Japan!

Thank you New York for always welcoming me home, pushing me harder, igniting my fire, giving me continuous inspiration; and hosting a melting pot of cultures that come to live, see, breathe, and KREATE all that is NEW YORK CITY!

“California Made Me…. But New York Raised Me” ~K.Khronicles

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