Afro-Punk to me is all about expression, having the freedom to say whatever you want, however you want. There’s something to be said about the people who use their hair as a form of expression. Hair is an accessory, one that you must wear with boldness and with pride. As an artist, I choose hair as my canvas, and with it I let the world know exactly how I'm feeling.

I created the garden puff style for Afro-Punk as a statement of Taylor’d appreciation. The look was inspired by an illustration I came across on Pinterest. A little black girl staring at the ground with these beautiful flower puffs on top of her head. When I saw it I thought to myself, “what if she knew the magic she possessed?. I knew I had to create this live visual because there is so much life in black hair. Just as flowers grow so naturally beautiful, in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, we too possess that same life-giving power and it grows right out of our heads. I tell my clients all the time “your hair is like a plant”, feed it, nurture it and treat it like the living thing that it is and it will grow as such.

Taylor’d Hair is all about individuality, much like Afro-Punk. My job as a stylist is to help people discover the best in themselves, and express that through their hair. It’s going to look different for everyone. A different color, a different shape, a different curl pattern, and style.

My soul dances when I see people find happiness in their hair. At Afro-Punk that is exactly what I saw, a collective of individuals who have found their hair happy and expressed it freely. Afro-Punk was an amazing experience for me, I enjoyed being in the presence of so much freedom and I was truly humbled by the response to my garden puffs. The love was so real and I’m thankful to those who appreciated my creation.

Taylor Grant

Taylor’d Hair


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