As much as this passion project is one to connect my audience with the Haute Style Kulture from around the world, it is also just as equally important to share the universal concept of “Kreating Your Happiness”. You see we are all Kreators that contribute to the universe, and it really does not matter race, gender or creed; we all share the commonality of just wanting to be happy.

I purposely made a life decision that August 5th would be my last day of working what my girl Beyoncé would say to be the “9 to 5 to stay alive”.

Kreate Your Happiness

I was ready to embark upon something that would allow me the Kreative License to create freely, in pursuit of continuing to join my passion for Style & Travel; all while living a life of Happiness. When you are in control of your own Happiness all life factors align.

Despite the commercialism that has evolved in Bali, it’s historical depths of spirituality, gratitude and happiness still keeps it’s heart pure and beating. Commencing K Khronicles in Bali, Indonesia was the perfect way to start this new chapter in my life.

I thank the Kreator of the Universe for allowing me to contribute to this masterful creation. For planting the seed and opening not the door but, the sky for me to fly. Press Play and Check out a glimpse of my Bali Khronicles below!

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