kimono (着物?, きもの) | kəˈmōnō

I thought I was sold on the fact that the Indian Saree was one of the most detailed garments to style, until I was formerly introduced to the Kimono. The Saree was all about the drape & pleats, whereas the Kimono was truly in the details of tying the Obi (which most would refer to as a sash) and it’s many under layers called Nagajuban (長襦袢?) I came to Japan of course in search of Haute Kulture, which I plan to find in the streets of Tokyo, but it’s so important to me that I understand the traditional concept of Japanese style. Because the Kimono is not commonly worn as a form of everyday fashion, and ideally now worn for special occasions, I decided to book the V3 and my geisha girl Maki and I a style session at, Yae Kimono Rental in Asakusa.

“I was ready to trade in my StanceRihanna – Japan edition thigh highs, for a pair of Tabi split toe socks, a pair of Zoricustomary shoes, and adorn my loc crown with Kanzashi (hair ornaments).”

I wanted to get the full Kimono experience from head to toe. It’s common that most modern Japanese women need assistance with the styling process of the Kimono. I mean it does consist of 12 or more pieces. I honestly don’t know how real Geishas do it everyday. The type of Kimono you wear is symbolic and sends a social message regarding your status, be it age, marital status, or occasion. If you are looking for drama and exaggeration but not married, go for the Furisode (振袖). I’m talking about 42 inch sleeves that will have you serving Diana Ross in the opening scene of Mahogany.

If you want to have teatime with your Geisha Sisters, rather your married or not you wear a solid color Kimono called Iromuji (色無地)

Running errands and still want to serve a Haute Geisha look, Kimon (小) is your go to. If your married and need something formal and worthy to attend a wedding Kurotomesode(黒留袖).

If you’re the bride, I hope you love brocade because the Uchikake (打掛) is heavily detailed with it. You wear it over your bridal Kimono and Obi as an outer coat and train. You have your choice of bridal white or colorful brocade with my favorite color red as the base color. If you’re the star of the Kabuki theater then the Susohiki / Hikizuri is your trailing show stopper.

Travelling gents I have not forgotten about your Kimono style. Like in America you always get it 10 times easier with less styling pieces. Instead of 12 you have more like 5. Your color palette is less exaggerated with dark colors with subtle patterns. If your going casual opt for a textured fabric, here is usually only your chance to select a slightly lighter color.

If you want brighter then consider becoming a Sumo wrestler (lol) where you will often find brighter and vibrant colors.Want to get your grown and sexy on with something more formal then plain black silk is the way to go. Think American black tie.

Kreators if your looking to further your experience, take it a step further and try eating in one of these Kimonos. My Geisha sister and Worldwide LashQueen Renee Vargas, and I took a Rickshaw to the Japanese pancake house for lunch.

Just sitting at the chabudai (short legged dining table) about killed this un-seasoned Geisha, and don’t even think about eating seconds or you will be hobbling along like my Maiko (apprentice Geisha) Stevee Rae. I’m usually not one for tourist traditions but there was no way I would ever regret my styling experience at Yae Kimono Rental, the ride through downtown Asakusa with my Geisha Sister and Rickshaw driver U; or experiencing authentic Japanese pancakes and praying at the holy temple of Senso-Ji with my Kindred.

I ended this day with the most fulfilling fortune pulled from the temple during my prayer ceremony, which gave me confirmation for all that God has promised in both this and the new 2017 year. It was khronilced…

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