We could of easily made London our primary destination but WHY when we were right next door to Paris and Iceland?

What’s better than a sea of American made melanin making it’s way through European lands?

Post the Black Girl Khronicles tour, I have been asked on numerous occasions some of our must see and favorite destinations, tips on travel and places to lodge.

Let's start with London shall we? But first you must become a citizen

To be completely honest it was not easy trying to find a place to lodge and accommodate 9 black girls and a camera guy in tow. It actually became quite discouraging with the amount of NO’s that I received from Air Bnb homeowners and hotels. I wanted something affordable for our budget, yet suited for the experience that I wanted to provide each of these ladies with. It must have been by the grace of GOD that after staying up every night waiting for London to wake up, that a door opened. A door that made me a citizen in the world of global hospitality.

Citizen M Tower of London

I wasn’t familiar with this citizenship prior to searching the net for luxury boutique hotels that wouldn’t break the bank. I honestly couldn’t believe the features & amenities offered at the appointed price point.

The concept of “affordable luxury” is one needed for the new breed of international travelers; this is the philosophy that citizen M is built on.

If you happen to lodge at the Tower of London location be sure to do yourself a favor and upgrade to a room with a view of the Tower of London for just $25 more a night. The rooms are a minimalist design concept and equipped with technology features, and plenty of converted plugs, free wifi and cable television. This location couldn’t be any more central for touring London. How about the train station is a conveniently located just step from the front doors.

Upon your arrival sign up for canteen M so that you can dine from a yummy morning breakfast buffet, coffee prepared to your liking and of course an assortment of British teas. The best thing about the canteen is that it’s open 24/7.

The original intent was to host the girls in a private home so that I would have the opportunity to document the intimate khronciles of sisterhood and black girl conversation, down to how we prepare ourselves for the world in the mornings.

What I appreciated most about the design layout of the hotel was it afforded us our private spaces, but most excitingly common community space to converse privately in nestled nooks, work space with access to apple desktops; and a stylishly roof top enclosed bar area, where we enjoyed Poptails with Rugie Bee

citizen M was thankfully so inspired by our movement and decision to host our girls at the citizen M that they hosted us on their 7th floor for a BGK introductory cocktail hour, dinner and access to their conference rooms to film our interviews with breath taking views of London’s skyline.

As if that was not enough they appointed us with our very own citizen M ambassador Mr. Lorenzo, to ensure that all of our needs were met. Everyone was absolutely divine and welcoming and made all of us truly feel as though we had found a home away from home.

The ladies of BGK are citizens now, and I absolutely can’t wait to experience the other citizen M locations!

Travel Khronicles: Want to make use of your budget? Take the train to your central lodging of choice. In fact snag an Oyster card and top it up with sufficient funds as a means to travel through London. Save your uber trips to transport to your formal dining experiences, and late night travels.

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