Reflections In The Arabian Sea

In my adolescence I learned then that I could move to the beat of my own drum. I knew that my drum had created a different sound then those around me. I was originally afraid of it’s sometimes offbeat key and wondered why it could not harmonize with the others.

I soon understood “try not contain what is free” I was Happy being me. Nobody could do that, better than me. So what if I was teased, so what if my style of dress was nothing like my peers, so what if my imagination ran wild like burning fire. My opinions grew strong once I discovered my voice, which sang over my own drumbeat, and my body begin to choreograph it’s own dance. This was the power of “Kreating My Happiness”

I carried this empowering light and migrated it from the California Bay to New York City; where it then slowly over the years was built like one of it’s very own sky rise buildings. Over time the same 9 to 5 while trying to survive, that I had seen my single mother burden over time had found a new seat; this time it was sitting comfortably on my shoulders.

My spirit darkened and the Kalifornia Kid, with a smile and a dream wasn’t as happy anymore. She felt lost, and afraid of loosing herself in a society that predominately aspires to getting a small piece of the apple pie. But I had came to the horseracing city that they call the “Big Apple”; so I could pick an apple off the tree and make my own pie.

I wasn’t looking to settle into the typical American dream, the daily routine of getting a job, so you can get a house or a New York apartment the size of my mother’s California closet. I came for more and had every intentions of leaving with it.

They say three times a charm and it is now my third time residing in New York, and funny enough I am turning 33, so there goes your double dose of reality K.

I thoroughly planned last year that I would re-locate back to California. I had got a new job, boxed up my Bushwick apartment, said goodbye to all my friends, and was excited about moving back to family and a city I knew to be home.

Then the Universe spoke and retrograde happened. My planning, to the crossed T and the dotted I had gone to shit. My best friend of 10 years rapidly became sick with a rare cancer. I spoke back to the universe and said “but what about my plans?, what about my job?, what about….?”

SSHHHHH! And then I was silenced.

I was humbled, grew selfless and quickly learned that life was more than this apple that I had come to pick, more than just biological family that I had back home, or the 9 to 5 that planned to pay me generously with a perk of free benefits.

Life could easily be taken for granted. One day it’s here alive and healthy and the next it could lay lifeless, enduring pain and suffering. As I gave selflessly, the Universe provided everything necessary to survive in a city like New York. Through the process of nurturing healing, personal revelations became clear to me. Mama always did say “everything that glitter ain’t gold”

In just one year cancer was evicted, health was restored, my vision became clear and the job that was offered to me in California; somehow became available in New York.

Truth be told I originally begin the planning of my trip to Asia because my former business partner insisted that we begin to explore separately, in hopes to cover more ground. I would have never expected then, that we would completely grow separate and I would be on a path of my own. After the events that had all taken place over the course of 1 year I knew that I needed a place where I could Kreate My Spiritual Happiness, so I went to Bali and bathed in the Holy Spring of Tirta Empul Temple and hiked the Tegalalang Rice Terrace to mentally prove that I could make it to the top.

I also knew that I needed a dose of fashion that would be so electrifying that it would awaken my inspiration, and send me home with new treasures for Khronicles by K . So I traveled to Mumbai in search of Haute Kulture. Shifting thorough street side vendor tables, sat outside markets waiting for them to open, wondered down alley’s to find the diamond in the ruff, and squat with real gypsies; while they shared hand embroidered textiles sewn by their grandmother, and showed me jewelry to adorn your hands during your kocktail hour. I trek to Bandra to bring my klients Haute Kulture and now it’s here and available for you’re to shop:

After it all I knew I needed a place to unwind and reflect on my original horserace mission; in search of the big apple, in which I planned to make my own pie. A place that I could walk to the beach and reflect in the Arabian sea and cry only tears of joy, for making it through such a challenging year. So I took a short flight from Mumbai to Goa and lived in a Portugesse colonial guesthouse. This would be a place where I could write the start of my personal memoirs and this blog post for you to read.

After my Reflections in the Arabian Sea, I have decided that it’s time to Go Back to California. You see New York had given me the tools that I needed to make it anywhere in the world. I know this now after hustling the hustlers of Mad Mumbai. I could keep my pace cause I had ran with New York horses in the Big Apple. New York gave me the hard lessons in life that would build character and grit.

I quit the job that the Universe gave back to me, but only under the condition that I would give it back and pursue something greater. It was time to “kreate my OWN” like O, write about K. Khronicles and dance to the beat of my own drum. So I’m going back to Kali with my Kreative License in tow, but only this time because never have I done it before; I’m going to do it with a drive Kross Kountry. Stay tuned world cause I’m only getting started. #ImGoingBackToKali

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