When Fly Girls Meet, In The Sky and Soar Together

With a successful Black Girl Khronicles Euro tour under the belt, it was important to add a different layer to the travelers experience for the second year.

This year’s “Fly Girls” were welcomed into the Peacock Pavilions, which is the most phenomenal handmade artisanal boutique hotel; nestled in an olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakech Morocco.

The ladies of BGK spent their first few days enjoying a henna cocktail party accompanied with savory canapés by the pool, authentic cuisine served under the stars in a Moroccan tent, quad biking by the beach, shopping in Essaouira and visiting the iconic YSL Marjorelle Gardens

This would soon take a turn down a little dirt road just walking distance from Peacock Pavilions. The new “layer” to this travel experience is “Giving Back to The Kŭl′chər”.

Removing the traveler from the commercial experience and into something real was at the top of this year’s itinerary. I wanted these “Fly Girls” to experience the community in an intimate way. When I found out that the Peacock Pavilions had a non-profit organization empowering young Moroccan adolescent teen girls, I knew that the universe was in the midst of manifesting a greater vision for Black Girl Khronicles.

When coordinating with Maryam Montague, the founder of Peacock Pavilions and Project Soar along with her amazing team, they were very clear that all workshops needed to be in alignment with the program, and have an empowering message.

Every girl from BGK is selected for the narrative that she brings to the global table. She has a story to tell that would be inspiring to any young girl no matter where she was in the world. These women all bring an element of power.

Take Awanda Perez for example who is in the depths of starting the first fierce black model agency Minoire in Spain.

Or Dane Browne a proud Brooklynite who went back to school and just received her degree this summer. She is the mastermind behind P.S. 13 Collectiv and is making dynamic new waves in NYC.

Kehryse Johnson-Fraser an amazing journalist from London contributing to publications like Glam Africa and is an active activist and voice in her community.

Dechina Brown just stepped out on faith and got her passport to join this dynamic group of kick-ass women in a foreign land. She did this all in the midst of starting her brand Brownie Pop Event Styling

But what would be the common thread or “Yarn shall I say” to bring a group of adolescent Moroccan girls with six Black women hailing from the U.S., Spain and London?

Shantelle Brumfield is the Kreator of Yarn Movement a fashion brand that promotes “Embracing Your Dopeness”. When proposed with the opportunity to join brand forces she was all in and created a hands on workshop entitled “Believe In What You Dream”

Each girl was given a tote, which consisted of the materials needed to create a dream catcher using colorful yarn, beads and feathers. This would be the dream catcher in which she would catch all of her dreams. Journals to KHRONICLE each girls’ dreams was also accompanied with “stuff” that us girls like no matter the age. You know the “stuff”….. like nail polish, candy and headbands.

Although a difference in dialect, a gap in age, we united in such a way. Empowering each other with our translated narratives and under the mighty roar of #GRLPWR .

The mission to connect this year’s BGK traveler with Kŭl′chər can’t just stop with our classroom experience, it will continue roaring “Girl Power” from the Bay Bridge, to the Empire State Building, over the Atlas mountain tops; and down into that little dirt road just a short walk away from the Peacock Pavilions. We ARE FLY GIRLS Who Meet In The Sky And SOAR TOGETHER!

Project Soar is a non-profit organization that works to empower adolescent girls, providing programs that help girls understand their value, voice, body, rights and path.

Things are tough for teen girls in Morocco as they often face challenges accessing equal education and staying in school. When Moroccan girls drop out of school they become girl brides and girl moms.

The mission at Project Soar is to empower teen girls to succeed in school and become leaders in their communities.

Join us in Giving back to the Kŭl′chər and

“Give The Gift Of Wings To Soar”

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